Animal rights.

All breeders who register their dogs in Blockgrees must agree to comply with everything that is described in the following paragraphs. In this way, Blockgrees will support them as responsible breeders, and will promote their kennel for having desirable practices.

1. Care and health.

All the animals in the kennel must be fed correctly, dewormed when necessary and have up-to-date veterinary documentation. They should be treated with love and appreciation as if they were a member of the family and not as production machines.

2. Adequate facilities.

Dogs must live in a suitable place, with space, clean, disinfected and with the possibility of going outside daily. The breeder will allocate part of his resources to the continuous improvement of the facilities, in order to provide greater comfort to the animals.

3. Responsible breeding.

The breeder will have a breeding plan whereby he can produce healthy puppies that can live properly in society. He will never focus his breeding on producing as many puppies as possible, but on producing the best quality puppies possible. He will respect the recovery cycle of the females, and will not breed with animals that are not in optimal conditions. He will never make crosses with specimens that suffer from serious diseases, or defects that could be genetically transmitted to the puppies. The necessary tests will be done to ensure that the best possible quality specimens are being used. The breeder will NEVER dedicate himself to making crosses outside the standard to generate exotic puppies and thus be able to sell them at a higher price.

4. New owners.

The breeder will always sell his specimens to trustworthy buyers with good intentions. He will do enough research on the new owner to validate whether he is the right person or not. He will never sell an animal for financial necessity, but always with planning. Once the change of ownership is complete, the breeder will follow up on the dog and his new life.

5. Breeding planning.

The breeder will always plan his crosses using genealogical tables to avoid inbreeding and genetic problems. He will keep track of his production and the correct registration of the litters. He will have all the animals correctly identified and will always respect the breed standard, NEVER registering a specimen that he knows is out of the standard.

6. At the end of breeding.

When the specimens are no longer intended for breeding, they will not be discarded or slaughtered. They will remain in the kennel as part of the family, or they will be rehabbed in a new home with a new family, informing Blockgrees of this change in ownership.

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