Roadmap to success.

1. Mission.

Our mission as a company is to improve the world of dog breeding and make it sustainable in the future. For this, we have set ourselves the task of only generating pedigrees for responsible breeders, and for dogs that are within the standards of their breed, serving as a bridge between responsible buyers and reputable breeders.

To make this possible, we have reinvented the operation of a pedigrees company, making use of technology, being able to offer a fast, secure and close service.

2. Vision.

We trust our system as it has strong fundamentals. Our long-term vision is for Blockgrees to become the most important international registry company, being able to combine all genealogies in one place.

  • For breeders, we want to be the guide on how a kennel should be managed correctly, and lead it to have a consistent and long-lasting operation.
  • For buyers, we want to be the definitive reference site when it comes to making a decision. An indisputable quality seal that must be taken into account.
  • For dogs, we want to give them a healthy future, one that breeders only bring into the world dogs that can live a long life and are worth living.

3. Values.

Our strength will always be in innovation. We trust that new technologies will always be an applicable advance in any field of life. Specifically in dog breeding, innovation is directly responsible for its improvement.

On the other hand, we want to be close to our clients and to be able to offer them direct attention whenever possible to solve all their problems. We will be very strict with the fulfillment of animal rights, sanctioning all those kennels registered in Blockgrees that do not comply with them. We will also be strict about complying with breed standards, which serve as a guide for what a breed should look like. Without respecting the standards, the breeds would disappear, and we are not going to let that happen.

4. Functioning.

To explain how our platform works, we have designed a guide for breeders, in which they can learn how to use our platform, and the parts that make it up. You can access the guide here. Breeders guide.

You can also get updates on the platform, and acquire new breeding knowledge on our blog.

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