Buyers guide.

1. What is Blockgrees?

Blockgrees is a pedigrees management system, where genealogies in more than 16 generations can be viewed in an interactive and totally public way.

For users who want to buy a dog, it works as a platform to locate reliable and responsible breeders where they can buy their next pet with all the guarantees.

For the kennels, it is a company that allows them to get closer to potential clients thanks to the interactive pedigrees of Blockgrees, where you can see the genealogies of the dogs, along with the photos of the ancestors and with all the updated data.

For the world, we are a disruptive platform that is committed to responsible, sustainable and quality breeding, making use of the most cutting-edge technology of today to make it possible.

2. What are the requirements for breeders?

The breeders listed on this platform must comply with health, infrastructure, breeding plans and professional ethics requirements. Before being listed, it is checked that they comply with all these requirements, requesting that they provide data. You can see the requirements that we request from breeders at the following link: Animal rights.

3. How do I contact the breeders?

In the kennel search engine, if you click on the card of any of them, you will be able to see an information sheet containing all the social network links. Our job is to manage pedigrees and verify that they are reliable breeders, but we do not act as intermediaries in the purchase of a specimen. The breeder has full freedom to set his own prices and to request the information he needs about you so that you can acquire a dog.

4. How to talk to a breeder?

The breeder should be your trusted person when it comes to getting a dog, therefore, you should establish a good relationship with him. The first time you make contact, try to do it by the means that is requested. Always introduce yourself and comment on the type of dog you are looking for. Never ask questions like “How much does it cost?” without any context. Professional breeders will not sell a dog to a person who only cares about price.

Don’t try to haggle for no reason. Breeders can only make you a price reduction if you decide to buy more than one copy. They have a fixed price, and trying to haggle can be offensive. Dogs are not a necessity or an object, so the price it has is based on the costs of production, maintenance, management, demand, prestige, etc.

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If you are a breeder and want to start registering your dogs with Blockgrees, you must first register your kennel.